Creative Brief

Overview - To create a forward-looking and public-facing video that excites as much as it informs.
Audience - Vulcan Employees and the General Public.
Main Goal - The main goal, and what we see as the most challenging task, is to be inclusive of all the things that Vulcan stands for, works toward, and exemplifies through its people while also telling a concise, quick and entertaining story.

Execution Approach

Our plan to execute the brief begins with a two-fold approach:

  1. Create a script that is more story-based rather than a more traditional message-based video.
  2. To lean into the device of ‘and’ heavily; using it for:
    Informational messaging within the script
    Visual devices
    As an audio mnemonic to help keep rhythm and pacing flowing

Story-Based Script vs. Message-Based

We believe the “who” in this story matters. By shifting perspective from a traditional top-down message to instead focus on the inspiring personal stories from within the organization, we feel that this gives the video a human touch that makes the message more accessible to external audiences. It changes the conversation from a ‘who we are’ statement to the story of Vulcan as an inclusive tale to be shared.

The tone immediately changes when you share a story versus deliver a message.  A good story is one that has a beginning, a middle, and an end that foreshadows a vision of what’s to come…

...versus a hard-sell on who/what we are and what we are/going to be doing.

In each story, we will use issues of importance as a framing device for Vulcan’s work. In this structure, issues that matter to the audience come to the forefront of focus with Vulcan’s impact on those issues joining as the supporting character. This allows Vulcan to express pride in their work without arrogance, and excitement without boastfulness.  We’ll leverage Vulcan’s beautiful footage along with the soundbites from employees to help tell the story.


The Power of ‘AND’

We love the direction and device of ‘and’.  It encourages participation, interaction, and promotes the idea of building toward something even greater than what preceded it. It’s a powerful word when used as an exponential force and we will use this as a central theme throughout the video.

AND Informational messaging
We’ll use ‘and’ in a structural way as we build the script.  We’ll write the script and shoot interviews so that each successive interviewee is building on the information the previous speaker said in their own words, guided by the questions we ask. To clarify, they are NOT finishing each other’s sentences, but will be building from the previous speaker’s soundbite.

AND Visual Devices:
We’d like to leverage the vast and distant worldwide teams to our advantage by crowdsourcing footage from various people in the field, sourcing photos or videos of them doing what they do best while incorporating the word ‘and’ into the shot.

-Scuba diver with an underwater clipboard that has ‘AND’ written on it.  Diver is showing it to the camera.
-Someone in hospital scrubs with the word ‘AND’ sharpied on them.
-Whiteboard in a science lab with ‘AND’ written next to a bunch of other equations, etc.
-A Seahawks team member with ‘AND’ as the under-eye black.

AND Audio Mnemonic
A good anthemic video uses punctuators to maintain pacing and keep viewer interest engaged.  We plan to shoot all interviewees and crowdsourced team members saying and using the word ‘AND’ in inspirational instances. These will be used to accentuate sound bites while creating rhythmic sections that segue between main messaging beats.


We love building anthemic videos and we’d love to do this one.
Thanks for thinking of us!