What is true freedom?

We want to create a piece that captures the wild romance and beautiful tragedy of being on the run. It’s a life of freedom, but ultimately a lonely life of uncertainty.

This video is told through two non-linear stories interwoven to show the dichotomy between peace and fury (Malik & Max).

Lightness represents harmony and tranquility, illustrated by dreamlike visual poetry and sweeping landscapes that capture the picturesque textural beauty of the badlands. The band is together, calm and relaxed. Visuals and composition are heavily inspired by Terrence Malick’s cinematography.

Darkness represents fear, danger, and unrelenting pursuit. As darkness falls in the badlands they speed across the desert, pursued by a malevolent force. A sense of uncertainty and urgency builds to a fevered pitch. Visuals and pacing draw inspiration from Mad Max: Fury Road.


Badlands - Story Flow

We see this video as a composition of four interwoven vignettes that will loosely tell a narrative story. Each of the following vignettes is visually stark, embracing a different emotional theme in the heroes' journey.


On The Run


The roar of Molly’s bike cuts a wake of dust as the lights of civilization fade into the night behind. The pounding of Whitney’s boots as she runs on foot. A storm is brewing in the distance.  As the sun sinks on the horizon, Molly and Whitney are speeding through the desert with a purpose. Their faces carry the weight of determination and desperation.


The Beacon

Molly picks up Whitney and are then joined by Leah and Ruby. They converge on the road, vehicles and horses running together across the desertscape. The black storm is boiling up over the horizon behind and begins to gain ground on them, pushing them faster and faster. In the waning sliver of light ahead, the glow of a shining beacon calls to them. This is their destination. They kick it into high gear and veer off toward the light.

The Ritual


The glow of a pyre signals in the darkness that they’re close. This place is ancient, supernatural, but all is not as it seems. They find the beacon sits at the precipice of a cliff overlooking a canyon below. What they thought was their safe haven is really a dead end. In indignation they prepare for the final confrontation.

The Escape


The sun begins to rise up over the horizon and in the weak light they find the storm is upon them, angrily consuming everything in its path. Torches in hand, they turn and run on foot toward the edge of the cliff and leap. As they fall below the edge the camera follows and tilts down to reveal they have vanished, their four torches falling into the abyss below.

The Band


Intercut within this story are moments where we see the band together on the road in an old truck. It’s high noon and the band is playing along inside the car as if listening to the radio. They’re mouthing the words softly to themselves, drumming their fingers against on the dashboard imitating their instruments. In our minds, we are treating this as a flash-forward to events that occur after the chase storyline. We allude to this with the final shot of the video as they head out into the desert.



The Rough Beat Map

Color Codes:
Beacon = Green
Chase = Orange
Ritual = Blue
Performance/Conflict = Red


A little about us: thesuperbestfriends is made up of a couple buddies, Cam and Sam, we really like creating kickass work...but you already knew that.  Let's make something cool!