What is true freedom?

We want to create a piece that captures the wild romance and beautiful tragedy of being on the run. It’s a life of freedom, but ultimately a lonely life of uncertainty. Our heroes represent the duality of simultaneously running to something and also away from something.

The textural grit of the environment plays against its fantastic grace as two sides of the same coin, evoking an impossible superposition of danger and safety. It’s in this environment that freedom is found and the fullness of life is revealed.

The narrative is framed in the visually rich spirit of the old spaghetti westerns, with beautiful visual poetry augmented by a surreal and animistic personification of the badlands. Is it a benevolent presence? Is it malicious? Or… something else entirely?


Badlands - Story Flow

We see this video as a composition of four interwoven vignettes that will loosely tell a narrative story. Each of the following vignettes is visually stark, embracing a different emotional theme in the heroes' journey.


The Compass


As the sun sinks on the horizon, a golden beacon beckons in the quiet of the desert expanse. They feel the tug of the Badlands. The innocence of the land, wild and alive, wraps them in an embrace as they race toward it, hearts beaming. The land knows true freedom and it runs with them.

The Chase


A darkness grows, black clouds billows from over the horizon behind. Danger. The aggressive glow of headlights in the smoke hide the thunder of engines and shadows, gaining ground. They’re running. The roar of their motorcycle is the pounding of hooves as they ride. Faster and faster.

The Ritual


Pursued to the edge of the world, they find the Badlands is alive. The glow of pyres in the canyons are their sanctuary. A handful of earth cast into ritual fire completes their transformation and they are reborn of the desert. In a cascade of sparks, the land stirs.

The Conflict


The storm is upon them. The wall of pursuers confronts them on the road, vehicles roaring and lurching as tires kick up dust in the red glow. A thousand eyes shine like the flash of animals in the black. The faint light of a flare overhead reveals a horde of forms once concealed by the darkness, monstrous and beautiful. Together they scream in rebellion at the black mass of vehicles. Lights fade and at last the storm lifts.


The Four Vignettes - Visual Breakdown


The Compass

Brief Overview:
A distant golden beacon beckons.
Innocent Love & Visual Poetry.
This is an embrace of the Badlands and of each other.
Fields, nature, love, caressing, looking at each other and the beauty, drone shots of them, desert flora & fauna
Molly grabs a fistful of Badlands Dirt.

Shooting style:
Long and beautiful.  Soft, sunny, golden light.  Bokeh.  Layered and dreamy.
Lean on Malik and Levi's influence heavily.

Band Wardrobe:
Molly - To be discussed
Whitney - To be discussed

Makeup Direction:

The Chase

Creative Overview:
Running to or running from a mysterious entity/group.  Antagonists to be represented by headlights in pursuit.  Dark Clouds are over the headlights.
Molly & Whitney on a bike, driving away from it with urgency.
The chase leads to them on horses.
And ends with all four of bandmates (Badland Queens) running on foot.

Shooting Style:
Spaghetti Western.  Close Ups.
Mad Max meets Saving Private Ryan.
Violent, deep contrast, always moving camera, crisp.
Visual language for Pursuers will always be a low angle shot in front of ‘car’

Band Wardrobe & Makeup Direction:
To be determined.


The Ritual

Brief Overview:
A fire pyre.
Molly & Whitney arrive on a horse.
Entrance of Leah & Ruby as our Badlands Queens.
Smoke and sparks stir the Badlands.
Our repeating totem (Badlands Soil) takes on a significant role.
Molly & Whitney transform to Queens; becoming the Badlands.

Shooting Style:

Kurtz Scene from Apocalypse Now.
The Death of Kurtz
Dark scenes in Levi’s oh pioneer



The Performance/Conflict

The band (now appearing as Thunderpussy; not Queens or the Runaways) performing on a straight, isolated road lit by flares (road flares almost making the road appear as a landing strip; also lit by the occasional sky flare on a parachute).  In front of the band is a ‘wall’ of the pursuers; vehicles lined up, aggressively revving their engines, burning their tires and lurching towards the band.  It’s a standoff.  It's aggressive.  The conflict.

Band wardrobe:
To be discussed.  Should be true to their normal, street/performing style.


The Rough Beat Map

Color Codes:
Beacon = Green
Chase = Orange
Ritual = Blue
Performance/Conflict = Red


Thanks for reading. Every time we sit down with you ladies we fall in love a little bit more. 

A little about us: thesuperbestfriends is made up of a couple buddies, Cam and Sam, we really like creating kickass work...but you already knew that.  Let's make something cool!