Would you even know when you've crossed that line? Will you succumb or will you choose to fight with every last ounce of humanity you have left and claw your way the fuck out?

We want to show how a good thing can distort into a hellscape.

Champagne is celebratory. Champagne is a symbol of status. Champagne is a good thing. Right? 

Imagine a party where you’re having fun… until you’re the only one who’s not. Before you know it, you’re drowning in everything you thought was good.  We want to lean into this visual metaphor.

The video will also be intercut with the band’s performance of the song.  As the song progresses, we isolate Molly away from the band slowly using lighting and distance. At the end of the song we come back for a final resolve.


The Rough Vision


              FUCK YEAH


Initial Mood Board


Thanks for reading. You're awesome and seem like really fun people with incredible stage presence. Also, your music rocks. We love this idea, but we love to collaborate even more so let's chat! 

A little about us: thesuperbestfriends is made up of a couple buddies, Cam and Sam, we really like creating kickass work. Let's make something cool!