You guys have come up with a really fun, creative project and thesuperbestfriends would love to help make it come to life!


Creative Overview

We want to approach the video by creating it in the form of a movie trailer promoting a ‘Now Playing’ film documentary about Ms. Pacman.

Trailer Style Reference - Best In Show Trailer - Story Structure, Pacing, Length - LOVE THIS.
Trailer Style Reference - King of Kong - Nostalgia and LoFi style.
Mockumentary Style - The Maker - Great coverage style, funny payoff moments, great tone.
Interview Coverage Awkwardness - Sportscenter - Great timing and payoffs.

Doing this will open up ample opportunities to play with pacing and music; a trailer format also lends itself perfectly to a roughly two minute run-time story. We’ll insert plenty of awkward moments, have the freedom to tie random moments together while having the overall story make sense, and relieve the need to focus on a beginning, middle and end.
We would also be able to treat every line like a sound bite leaving plenty of room for creative dialogue we discover along the way. Ultimately the format would create an engaging piece designed to keep people’s attention.

Shooting Style

We want to shoot this verite style; lifestyle.  Handheld mostly (except for bigger effect shots that will be static), we want this to feel voyeuristic; as if you were there.

The camera package we’d use would be a C100/C300 type camera commonly used for docu-style productions. We’d like to use a zoom lens instead of primes to be able to capture ‘snap zooms’ (think The Office) and to get that on-the-go feel of docs.

We want lighting to feel found, not elaborate.  Plus this adds to our ability to move fast during the day.  We’ll pay special attention to keeping the glow prominent in order to keep our compositions looking solid and well-integrated.

Execution of Ghost Characters

We strongly believe that the ghosts should be executed mainly in post as 2D flat characters sticking with the game look. The juxtaposition of our voice actors and the pixelated characters will add to the comedy. We’ll have a strong practical presence on the shoot by incorporating lighting and glow efx on-set.
Practical Lighting Effect Example
This allows the production to move quickly through an ambitious shoot schedule.  It also allows more ideation in post and inclusion of more characters (we have ideas of including more than just the four main ghosts) and possibly other game characters/props.


Corporate Man with a family has decided ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  He now owns aMAZEing Games and is Dad-humor expert.
Blinky Character Reference

Salty, isn’t doing terrible in life but hasn’t evolved as much as the rest of the gang. Think Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. He relives the glory days, works on his righteous van, and definitely had a thing for Ms. Pacman that he’s not quite over.
Inky Character Reference

Movie Star - Think Janelle Monáe.  Cute but with a razor-sharp edge. Things come to her, not the other way around.  She’s ‘made it’. Confident and knows what she wants and where she’s going.
Pinky Character Reference

Sue’s a guy.
He’s found who he is in the universe as a yoga Instructor helping others find their center. There is also an unmistakable “over it” attitude present in him.
Sue Character Reference - Tone, delivery.  We’d prefer someone with a more burly voice.

Sample Visuals

Sample Story Flow

SampleStoryFlow - Screenplay Rough - Click to Download - An example of our creative sensibilities for your current script.


Thanks!  Let's do this and be besties!