Let's start with a sober group photo.


Now that that's out of the way...

We like to think of ourselves as mind-blowers. You know, the kind where you get off a conference call with us at 5:00 pm on a Friday and say, "Well that went well! Let's get a margarita and not stress about work since Lustre absolutely killed it. And their office is so great. And those hot dogs?! Brilliant."

So what does Lustre do exactly? Quite a bit, actually. Let's dive in.

Below is an announcement video for Microsoft's new Story Remix which is part of their Windows 10 Creators Update. Take a gander, then we'll break down our role in the pipeline (spoiler: we did a lot).




Not bad, right? Here's a breakdown of Lustre's role in the whole production.

Preproduction. Lustre worked directly with Agency to craft the script into this intertwined story of mixed characters.

Casting. All talent came through Lustre's doors (next door) in Studio B. This second office acts as a satellite space for all sorts of other work outside of casting, such as confidential NDA work, preproduction meetings, and heavy 3D animation.

Production. Lustre has a deep network of cinematographers, directors, editors, grips, gaffers, and visual effects supervisors. This gives us the power to bring together massive productions with people we know and trust.

Post-production. All of the screen tracking, rotoscoping, and 3D animation were also done in-house. Our compositing and 3D artists work directly with the editors to bring together a tight end product. Hella tight.

Okay, that was one spot. Let's sprinkle in another. This one, like the one above, tells a story that's enhanced by the use of technology.


This spot, made for Bing's five-year anniversary, was written, directed, produced, and edited by Lustre. Despite the heavy use of screens and technology, we were able to craft a narrative thread that tugs at those heartstrings.


Switching gears, let's talk traditional advertising.

Lustre was born and raised in advertising. We have since branched out, but our ad game is still strong. The challenge of making an impactful 30 or 15-second film always thrills us. From Amazon to Ford, we have graced many a televisions across the country (and world!).




Now for the sake of time, let's rapid-fire some examples of our 3D capabilities. We love working in Cinema 4D and have been using Octane to crank our renders up to eleven.


3D Animation


Phew, we're covering a lot of ground here. This time let's go 100% 2D animation. This spot was created from the ground up from our illustrators and animators (...and hearts).


Illustrated Animation


Our illustrators did a great job designing styles that carried the story while adding unique opportunities to add little details throughout.

Now before we continue, let's take a look at our wall of fame. That is, a grid of grey logos from the companies we have worked with over the last decade.


So what?

All of this is pretty and all, but does it work? Does our blood, sweat, and tears really make an impact on the viewers? Do people run out and buy the all-new 2018 Ford F-150 XLT Chrome Package after seeing our spot? Let's take a look at some metrics; the fruits of our labors.



Our videos got over a million views with a 74% completion rate. That’s much higher than our average!
— Julie Feldman, OnStar

Our OnStar branded series outperformed all set expectations, earning 900k+ views on MSN’s main video site, with an additional 106k+ views on the Xbox platform over the series run. Video completion rates on Xbox alone reached an impressive 73.8%, with an average watch-through rate of between 43 and 75%.


Ford Year-End Car and Truck Sale

Measurable increase of 3% at local Ford stores.


How did we get there?

MSA approached us with a request to develop a long-form branded content series for one of their clients. The goal was to design a 10-part episodic technology series that would inspire audience interest in future technology and just be a generally cool content series that aligned with their branding.

Development began with a deep dive into understanding the client - their messaging, their goals, and most importantly their audience. Having an understanding of OnStar and MSN's audiences, we were able to craft content for that specific demographic, but presented it in a way that was also appealing to secondary audiences.

We engaged two well-known influencers from the world of tech media as on-screen talent and created an informative, entertaining, and optimistic series that would play on both MSN and Xbox platforms. We then proceeded to handle all aspects of the series’ production from talent contract negotiations, live-action production, editorial, graphics, and final delivery.


In closing...

We'd love to do business with you. Hopefully this portfolio of work has squelched any doubts and raised many questions about how you can get a piece of this pie.