Jesse Harris

Jesse Harris started his filmmaking career early, writing and directing his first feature when he was 17. He opted against college and used the money to fund his feature, which was eventually picked up for US theatrical distribution and by HBO in Europe.

In 2007, to support other young filmmakers, Jesse founded NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth), which has grown into the largest and most prestigious youth film festival in the world.

Variety named Jesse one of 25 talents who transformed youth entertainment and was named one of City Arts Magazine’s Top 50 Culture Makers. His feature was one of 20 features invited to the 2004 IFP New York Film Market. Jesse’s recently been named a Global Shaper, an initiative of the World Economic Forum built around young entrepreneurs and do-gooders.

Jesse's commercial work has been seen on TV around the world, working with clients such as Volvo, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Disney, Virgin America, and more. Jesse brings years of experience not only crafting beautiful stories, but also working directly with brands to strategize, write and execute effective campaigns.

Jesse is currently working on his 2nd feature, Borrego, an action thriller set in the Californian desert.


Disney - The Creative One

Acer - Team Players

Coca Cola - Happier Together Challenge

Jesse's collection of found footage.

Serta - Dreams Matter

Nuun - Anthem



aka Cam and Sam


Hello and thank you for the potential opportunity to collaborate with you on this powerfully grounded piece. What Uber needs now, more than ever, is to show the good it is doing in the communities with which it is involved. We’d love to help tell this story.

What excites us most about this project is the combination of real world imagery with thoughtful, integrated messaging; it fills the emotional bank and commands the audience’s attention.

We’d like to point out the last moment of the Starbucks reference, ‘A Year of Good’.

This is, in essence, what we do best. Beautifully orchestrated moments like this one are made possible when production and post are working in perfect tandem.

Our unique strengths in conception, production and post means the final product’s editorial voice, visual language, and storytelling always works as a cohesive whole, time is well spent during production, and the post work stays liquid for extra creative details.

thesuperbestfriends are Cam and Sam. We’ve been in advertising and marketing for 227,760 man hours (the past 20 years). We’re creative troubleshooters and storytellers for the world’s largest brands, but our true passion is assisting smaller companies find their video voice. The power of our work speaks for itself, chalking up… well, a lot of ADDYs. (who’s counting anyway?)

We'd love an opportunity to present a more in-depth treatment...and hopefully become besties.



Bing - Birthday

Ford - Balloons

Ford - Pop Up

Cedar Grove - Circle of Life

Washington State Lottery - Is It Time

Washington State Lottery - Bannister