Lustre is a full-service creative boutique and production company.

Our Seattle studio is home to award-winning content creators, directors, designers, strategists, and digital wizards all under one roof.

We're not storytellers.

Well, not JUST storytellers. We’re creative problem solvers first and foremost and we make pretty pictures. Really pretty pictures. Whether it’s a traditional 30 second ad, a brand anthem, a weekly web series, or a savvy social campaign we help companies put their best foot forward, find their audience, and keep them coming back for more.

The only limits are the laws of physics, and even then we’ve been known to bend a few of those rules.


Here's What We Do

We offer a nimble, integrated approach to content production from concept through completion.



Measure twice. Cut once. We want your content to move the needle, so we begin every project with market research and strategic insights that inform our entire approach. Knowing your audience - what’s important to them and how your brand can connect with them – is key to creating a killer campaign that doesn’t just get noticed - it gets results.


We can be classy or sassy. Or both. We love solving creative challenges and identifying the best ways to bring ideas to life. We value collaboration and the democracy of ideas, which is why we bring the voices of storytellers, content creators, artists, directors, and producers to the table, to create content that moves.


We run a tight ship. We’re seasoned industry veterans fluent in the language of creative and experts in its technical execution. We specialize in any scale of live-action production, cast powerful influencer talent, and maintain an awesome network of independent directors for collaborative projects. We’re gonna make you look good.


Lustre can make you really shine. Our stable of illustrators, animators, and VFX artists create polished, powerful graphics that make your video pop. Whether you need a 3D triceratops, a sexy product shot, or an animated explainer, our post team can work digital miracles. We’ve even spent an entire week manscaping Gary Busey’s nose hairs. All of them.


Off it goes. Stellar content needs eyeballs, so our thoughtful approach to content creation ensures that the distribution plan is in lock-step. We’ll mix the perfect cocktail of marketing channels to get the engagement you need. From search and syndication to media partnerships and influencers, our team will connect your content with your customers.


We know how to make a big splash, but we’re still a small family. And when you’re here, you’re family too! We’re always available to help and always go the extra mile to ensure you get the quality of service your project deserves. Whether you’re a Fortune One or a Fortune None, we get you. 


Our Work

We love content. It’s kind of our jam. 


Specifically, we love finding creative new ways to tell stories - the kinds of stories that make you move, laugh, cry, cheer, and everything in between. We understand the deep relationship between brands and audiences, and that’s where we shine.

Whether we’re working on a doc, a commercial, an animation, a miniseries, a feature, or just a fun little “hey look at me,” we’re a creative shop and we do creative sh...tuff every single day.

Now on to the good stuff!



Microsoft wanted to show its employees the emotional impact their products have on people around the world. This brand awareness story, made for Bing's five-year anniversary, was written, directed, produced, and edited by Lustre.

Despite the heavy use of screens and technology, we were able to craft a beautiful narrative thread that hits you right in the feels.

Hint: Grab a tissue (or five)

OnStar: Connected Tech

OnStar wanted to update their popular image as an optimistic and tech-forward company, so we developed and produced a 10-part episodic web series to inspire the audience’s interest in future technology.

We engaged two well-known influencers from the world of tech media as on-screen talent and created an informative, fresh, and entertaining series that would play on both MSN and Xbox platforms. The series garnered 900K+ views on MSN and 106K+ on Xbox, with an average completion rate of 73.8%, due in no small part to leveraging our hosts’ built-in fan base and social networks.

Talk nerdy to me.

Red Lobster Surprise

We teamed up with Spark and AOL to develop a branded social engagement series for Red Lobster showcasing some of the many reasons to celebrate.

Authenticity was critical, so we conducted a nationwide casting search to find real family stories to capture a sense of 100% genuine emotion. We oversaw all aspects of the series from creative and casting, to production and post.

We even got some biscuits out of it.

Microsoft Windows 10 Story Remix

This was a product launch video we developed for Microsoft. Lustre worked closely with Microsoft to craft the story while handling all aspects of live action production and post including casting, directing, and 3D animation.

Fluffy dinosaurs FTW.

Cedar Grove

This company anthem was created as a brand video that communicates Cedar Grove’s core mission and values. Lustre wrote the story and our illustrators wove it into a beautiful visual narrative.

Buying back your own garbage never felt better!


You got some ‘splainin’ to do? We know how to make metrics sexy.  We can turn your statistics into a story. We breathe personality into information-heavy content to craft entertaining shorts that educate audiences about pretty much anything under the sun.

We’ve even done explainers on explainers.


OldSchool Content

(aka commercials)


The challenge of making an impactful 30 or 15-second film always thrills us. From Amazon to Ford, we have graced many a television across the country (and world!).


Who Swiped Right

Some awesome people we've been seeing.


...and we'll just leave these here.


In Closing

We’re not telling you all this for nothing.

We know you have big ideas and we want to help you bring them to life. We have a beautiful studio full of ridiculously talented people who would love to meet you.

We’re not afraid of good ideas, so let’s get weird.

You know you want to.