The following creative directions use different execution styles to explore the spirit of local music in the Northwest. From introspective explorations of what motivates and inspires bands to continue making art, to a larger community story that focuses on the friendships that make the Northwest music scene possible, these approaches offer different lenses through which to explore music, collaboration, and friendship.


Best Show Ever


A band gathers to recount the story of the craziest set they’ve ever played.

Format: Every band has that one legendary show that they will never forget. A local band gathers to discuss their favorite show memories over a drink. After an opening introduction and “cheers moment,” the band members describe the wildest show they ever played. The live action interview dissolves into animation as we recreate the events of the night with an animated treatment.

Video Reference: Foo Fighters: The making of concrete and gold.




Friendships form the heart and soul of any band. This is the story of a local band that has stuck together through thick and thin for the love of their music and each other.

Format: The band meets in their studio space or local venue where they tell us the story of their friendship and music. This place forms the central anchor for the rest of the video. As we get into the history of the band, we branch off to explore individual band members’ backstories through personal day-in-the-life moments. We payoff the story at the end with an excerpt from a live jam session. This direction can be executed with potentially any local band that meets our story casting specs.

Video Reference: It Might Get loud - The candid moments and intimate setting works really well to frame a group of friends, while artfully weaving in individual stories adds to backstory and flavor.

Talent Access: With the right combination of access and resources, we could potentially approach Head and the Heart to be our featured band. Their story is perfect for this concept in several aspects - they are a well-known Pacific Northwest band, they are a band success story with a major following, and maintain close friendships despite living far away from one another.


Out of the Rain, into the Music


A sponsored concert and video series that celebrates the Northwest music community.

Format: One venue. One night. A mashup of artists. Bud Light sponsors a concert at a well-known Northwest venue showcasing a curated mix of bands and artists that represents the local music flavor. We will document the event, highlighting the people and friendships between bands that make the Northwest music scene.

Series Opportunity: With additional support and resources, Bud Light could potentially sponsor a series of these events, bringing together other classic Northwest venues with “known-to-play-together” bands from the area.


You’re Going to Be Famous


A well-known musician and his childhood friend explain what that musician was like before they were famous.

Format: Every musician starts somewhere. This interview-style doc explores the unknown histories of famous local musician through the eyes of their close friends… before they got big. Shot in an intimate studio setting, the friends reminisce and swap personal anecdotes with the musician. The topics move from the entertaining and embarrassing, to secret talents, to the deep and heartfelt, eventually culminating in a final “cheers with friends” moment.



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