A Manifesto

This is a big video. It’s a forward-facing proclamation to the world about Azure’s intent and vision for the future of business transformation, delivered by some of Azure’s key executives. Audiences must feel the power of that weight in both the execution and quality, and it needs to feel grand.

Audiences should be moved, inspired, and filled with a sense of pride in Azure’s work and dedication to their customers, and we feel that within this message we can build a powerful, anthemic and emotional experience.


The Ask: Talking Heads

Produced by Lustre Studios


The ask is to create an aspirational talking heads video in which executives narrate the Azure manifesto directly to-camera. We recently produced a very similar piece for the Olympics and Coca Cola. This is that video.


Our Proposal: Go Bigger



This concept takes a different approach to the standard talking heads delivery. Rather than shoot subjects against a static background, we shoot the subjects in motion to create a rich sense of energy, depth, and life. Subjects follow the camera as they narrate lines from the Azure manifesto, moving through spaces and having subtle interactions with elements in the scene. 

We want to choose locations that are visually inspiring, dynamic, and directly relate to the real-world work that Azure is helping to build. We feel that this is critical because it builds a strong connection between Microsoft and people who use the technology out in the world. Locations will be as much a part of the story as the narrative, so we want to select the best locations to support the size of this message.

The manifesto contains massive, world-changing ideas, and we will intercut beautiful sourced footage to complement these ideas. Cutting between executives and footage we can build energy and create a piece that is aspirational.


Additional "Walking Heads" References

The following references are tonally off-target, but represent the richness of execution that we would like to achieve.